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Education System at Mount Litera Zee School Ahmedabad

" We Follow No Homework Policy For Grade I & II"
At MLZSA, we encourage our students to play, learn and create new possibilities and opportunities for themselves. The system of education here us a perfect blend of modern methods of teaching along with traditional teaching practices.

Under the guidance of our trained and skilled faculty, the integrated method of teaching aims to:

  • Provide a holistic, child-centered programme so as to help the children strive to become effective leaders of the 21st century
  • Train students using the latest technology while adhering to the time-tested pedagogies
  • Create an environment where young minds explore and assimilate life skills

Mount Litera Pre Primary School Is Essential For Your Kid's Success


  • Our capable Faculties STRIVE to encourage the students to perform their best. Teachers at MLZSA are highly skilled and trained in their respective teaching areas. They are always open to new horizons of learning. Being harmonious as well as meticulous, they instil qualities of a leader in their students.
  • Specialised training for teachers allows them to understand their students requirements, focus on their deficient areas and strive hard to solve problems through proper planning and coordination. The teachers encourage, motivate and empathise with the students to enable self-discovery.
English Medium Pre Primary School in Ahmedabad Gujarat


Our Values and Attributes which align our guiding statements are integral to create a school culture and climate to realise our educational goals.

The Pre- Primary Programme

  • The Pre- Primary School Programme at Mount Litera Zee School Ahmedabad comprises of Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG and UKG).
  • The objective of the pre primary programme is to build a firm foundation for lifelong learning. A child’s early learning experiences help shape his/her outlook on life and powerfully influence his/her style of learning and behavior.
  • We help them to learn what they are good at, what they enjoy and what makes them feel good about themselves. The integrated method is holistic child centered with no arbitrary compartmentalization of subjects. It seeks to give a complete experience to the child within the child’s range of experiences and understanding. This approach goes a long way towards shaping a wholesome and healthy personality and gets him / her prepared for the primary school.

The Primary School Programme

Classes I - V

  • The curriculum at this stage is delivered through the Litera Octave approach, which encourages thinking, exploring, questioning, performing which helps the children go beyond the text book, the competency based curriculum helps the children learn the concepts at their pace in their style, does not stress on rote learning but helps them understand the concepts which lay the foundation for all future learning, the child starts to define himself/herself based on their attributes and achievements which pave their path seamlessly to the middle school.

Student Detail - Grade 1

Student Detail - Grade 2

Student Detail - Grade 3

Student Detail - Grade 4

Student Detail - Grade 5

The Middle School Programme

Classes VI - VIII

  • The main objective of this stage is to help the children make connections, between the meaningful experiences in school and the courses of study . The student is ready to be an active contributor to his/her own life and is ready to discover more. They are no longer just learning to read they are reading to learn.
  • The curriculum builds on the primary stage, and develops children’s concepts and knowledge in Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, and local languages. With an integrated package of teaching, learning and assessment materials through the Litera Octave approach the child is directed towards independent learning, and is guided to take responsibility and be self directed .

Student Detail - Grade 6

Student Detail - Grade 7

Student Detail - Grade 8

The Secondary School

Classes IX-X

  • During this stage the main objective is to hone the knowledge gained through the Middle school and develop skills for each subject be it Math, Languages, Science, Social Science and train the students to prepare for the CBSE examination, (Central Board of Secondary Education) .
  • The Litera Octave approach in the secondary school not only trains them for the board examination but also takes into account many factors that affect the growing adolescent. It takes into consideration their individual, emotional and intellectual needs, gives them experiences in an environment which is conducive for their physical and mental well being through a well woven curriculum framework combined with life skill sessions.

Student Detail - Grade 9

Student Detail - Grade 10

The Higher secondary School Programme

Classes XI-XII

  • The objective in the Higher Secondary is to offer students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individual interests, abilities and future plans within the national curriculum framework. The students are guided to choose subjects based on their interests and future plans, be it Commerce, Science, Arts, with the respective elective subjects. Intensive coaching is provided for the students for the board exams. Combined with the curricular programme, a number of opportunities are given to the children to prepare for the competitive examinations.
  • The experiences provided in the classroom through the Litera Octave Approach prepare the children to face the challenges of the world outside the portals of the school .A good vocational guidance programme is in place to help the child identify his interest and make an informed career choice.
  • Our well-designed laboratories follow all international norms, which in turn enable the students to explore and dazzle their world with new discoveries.

Our Facilities


  • MLZS Ahmedabad has a well laid out transportation plan that caters to the needs of its students from all adjoining areas.
  • We have an elaborate pick and drop bus service in and around Ahmedabad. All the buses are fully equipped with safety equipments and first aid kits.
  • The Drivers and the conductors are specially trained to identify any possible danger and act on it effectively if required.

Computer Lab

  • The school has a large, spacious Computer Lab that flaunts the latest hardware and software.
  • The students are introduced to the basics of computer usage, gradually moving towards advanced technology under the tutelage of well-trained and skilled faculty.
  • In today's technological world, it is significant to provide an exposure to the latest developments in Information Technology. It is also vital for the progress of the students to learn new techniques and develop necessary concepts for specialised study in the future.

Language Lab

  • An indispensable part of student training, our Language Labs are well equipped with highly researched study material, interactive boards, headphones and projectors for a splendid learning experience.
  • Learning language enables students to understand the world in a much better way. It helps them gain exposure to new cultures, traditions and ethnicities around the globe.
  • The language faculty instils a love for language in its students with innovative active sessions and motivating guidance. Technological assistance helps the child not only to understand the language but also to experience it in a unique manner.

Science lab

  • Science is always learnt well knowledge acquired in theory classes is realised in practice. Young students hence have always been intrigued by scientific experimentation as it gives them an exposure to new experiences.
  • Exploration and discovery is the mainstay for scientific development in today's world and we aim to help the students excel in both classroom drill along with the joy of experimentation.
  • Our well-designed laboratories follow all international norms, which in turn enable the students to explore and dazzle their world with new discoveries.

Math Lab

  • The school has well resourced separate Mathematics Laboratory – A place where learning becomes fun. It has various kits through which every important concept and formula can be proved practically. It also offers Multiple Teaching and Learning aids as well as complete theme based ambience which helps students to visualize and feel mathematics. In mathematics observed patterns can only suggest mathematical hypothesis and conjectures.
  • Mathematics lab helps to enjoy solution of problems through informal exploration. The objectives are to remove weakness, to develop much confidence, generate interest in subject, to make divergent thinkers to students. This develops power of thinking and reasoning skill. It allows and encourages the students to think, discuss with each other and assimilate the concepts in a more effective manner.
  • Mathematics lab enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters, etc. The classes are conducted only in the presence of the educators concerned and the lab-assistants.

The House System

  • All the students in the school will be divided into four Houses, which has been named after individuals who contributed to a larger cause, they were rational and thinking people whose actions were driven by reason rather than assumption, they were ethical and sensitive human beings who were not afraid to do what was right.
  • Each of them were able to realize their unique potential, bring about changes and build a positive society. Each of them represent a different field be it science, arts, philosophy or exploration.
Blue House Green House Red House Ochre House
Columbus Gandhi Da Vinci Einstein