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Get Admission in Ahmedabad’s Top Rated CBSE School


Mount Litera Zee School Ahmedabad leads further towards TOP ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS and TOP RATED CBSE SCHOOLS GUJARAT, where admission process seeks to provide every child a fair and equal opportunity to develop ability and potential towards his/her successful completion of education.


  • Information from Parents’ inquiries about admission looked by the Relationship Manager.
  • At the time of inquiry, parents will be given a leaflet along with a slip to capture the particulars.
  • At the time of registration a brochure with general information about the school will be provided.

2Registration / Admission Form

  • Registration fees shall be collected by cash or pay order.
  • Registration fees shall be non refundable.
  • Details of parents and student to be captured in Enquiry Form. A slip to be issued which will have a Unique Registration Number at the time of sale of prospectus.
  • E-prospectus to be available and can be purchased via credit card in case of online download.
  • Registration form can be filled online.
  • Admission fees shall be accepted only by cash or cheque.

3Age criteria for admission

  • As per rules promulgated by CBSE, the Board Examinations (Secondary level) shall be open to pupils who have attained the age of 15 years as on 1st April of the year in which they take the examination.
  • Age criteria for admission shall be as per the regulatory norms.

4School Prospectus/ Brochure

  • The School Prospectus to bear information about school philosophy and belief statement, location specific details, infrastructure details, details about education delivery process, pedagogy and curriculum to be followed.

5Entry Criteria for admission

  • Admission to be granted to students on the basis of the following assessments. Assessments to be taken in order to develop student profile and check the inclination to fit into our system.
  • Student Viva to be considered only as an interface technique.
  • No Admission Test till Class II. Assessments are only meant to determine support requirements of the child. It is not a criterion for rejection of admission.
  • Students of MLZS shall not have any entrance test or assessment in case of internal transfer.

6Admission preferences

  • Kidzee’s students will be granted admission to Zee Schools on a priority basis.
  • Admission preference shall be extended to the student’s siblings.

Conditions to the Above Rule : If the sibling is a learning disabled, the student shall be given admission preference depending upon the availability of support system. However, in case of physical disability; admissions shall be granted subject to management’s discretion.

7Admission for students with special needs

  • Admissions of children with special needs shall be routed through Head of Academics. Decision of Head of Academics shall be considered final. The decision shall be based on facilities and services that can be offered by MLZS Ahmedabad.

8Conditions for refusal of admission

  • Refusal for admission shall be based only on the basis of non-availability of seats.
  • Admission will be refused only on special needs ground which is subject to approval of refusal reasons by Management.
  • Admissions will be granted on first come first serve basis till school reaches full capacity. Thereafter, admission shall be granted based on the draw of lots.
  • Students to be admitted on the basis of seat availability. Admission of students shall be limited to a maximum of 35-40 students per class.

9Interview/observation panelists for admission

The following authorities will serve as interview panelists:

  • Principal
  • Section Head
  • Academic Counselor


  • School fees shall be deposited into the bank directly before 15 th of every quarter
  • Mode of payment of fees shall be in Cheque / Demand Draft / Debit Card/ Credit Card / Online & UPI.
  • Late fee may affect your credibility and service.

11No Refund of fees

  • There shall be NO refund of registration / admission fees, only tuition fees shall be refunded as per number of days attended.

12Documents to be collected at the time of admission

  • Medical Fitness Certificate.
  • Attested copy of birth certificate.
  • Progress card of previous academic year(Std I onwards).
  • Previous school’s leaving certificate if any.
  • Ration card and/or passport copy.
  • Domicile Certificate.

13Documents to be issued to students

  • Transfer Certificates at the time of withdrawal of admission
  • Receipt of payment of fees which will certify as admission granted.
  • Bonafide Certificate (minimum charge applicable) is a confidential document and shall be only available in print copy format.

14Documents for safe keeping at school

  • Attested copies of birth certificate (Attested copy of a birth certificate should be verified and counter signed by the Concerned authority-Principal / Admin Department head).
  • Original Progress card of previous academic year.
  • Leaving Certificate of previous school.